Aldo Miejsce: Venore
Zawód: sklepikarz
Specjalność: pancerze i obuwie
Handel: tak
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Prowadzi sklep z ubraniami na południu miasta. Jest niezadowolony ze swojego życia - żony, dzieci - i ma nadzieję, że kiedyś uda mu się to zmienić. Naprawia Worn Soft Boots za 10000 gp.
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Kewoko: After talking to the Oracle, I decided I would be a Knight and go to Thais, so thats what I did, but for my surprise when I got to the main lands, the temple was full of people, I didnt really understand why but I was very anxious for the new quests and stuff so I started pushing people to get out of the temple... I was in the first row when for the first time in my tibian life I saw a Giant Spider, I got excited and afraid at the same time, there was also a guy walking back and forth, close to the Giant Spider, I didnt know exactly what he was doing but since he was the highest level around, I decided to ask him what was going on. He said someone had lured that Giant Spider over there, I asked if he could kill it, he said it was too strong for him but that he would give me a tip so I could finally go hunting. He said: If you wear green and hide under the trees, the Giant Spider wont see you, you just need to hop between trees. I found that very friendly and decided to do it right away cause I was very anxious to hunt in the so called main islands, but for my sadness 3 seconds later I was back to the temple...
16:34 Mejsunia [234]: gdzie wy sie w ogole poznaliscie? 16:35 Degstos [47]: w komentarzach na youtubie
There is an allusion to Mona Lisa painting in Tibia? The painting acquired in the Thieves Guild Quest, whose name is Mina Losa, is a clear allusion to the well-known Mona Lisa painting - by Leonardo da Vinci.
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