Adventurer's Stone
Adventurer's Stone
0.30 oz.
Use it in major temples to travel to the adventurers guild. A replacement is available at temples.
Wypada z:
Ten przedmiot nie wypada z żadnego potwora.
Sprzedaż: Kupno:
Tego przedmiotu nie można sprzedać żadnemu NPC.
Tego przedmiotu nie można zakupić od żadnego NPC.
Informacje dodatkowe:
Będąc w jednej z głównych świątyń, możemy użyć przedmiotu, aby przenieść się do gildii podróżników.
Tylko zalogowani użytkownicy mogą dodawać komenatrze.
23:01 Dark Sakuraa [34]: druid ta la perto do deserto ja so falta o item pra quest (druid is near desert already only the item for the quest is missing) 23:01 Dezork [20]: é apple (it's an apple) 23:02 Dark Sakuraa [34]: oq e isso? (what's that?)
Hapex: I remember shortly after the launch of the Liberty Bay update I was minding my own business in the protection zone on the boat next to Sebastian on Meriana (this was on another character/server). Anyway, I got approached by some high-level who was clearly in a great hurry, who started to greet me with 'hi' several times. So I replied as I usually do, in polite friendly terms with punctuation and capital letters. So he kept on with 'task', 'quest' and so I quietly acquiesced to his demands and told him to get me a pear from an evil dwarven geomancer who had been last seen in the triangle tower. To my utter surprise, off he went. Thinking to myself now, 'is it really possible to be that unobservant?'. Well, I got my final answer as he returned with a pear - and since I obviously couldn't teleport things into his backpack I dropped 5 platinum coins on the ground beside him. It was only fair since he (maybe) ran all the way across the map to get me a pear. Definitely one of the strangest things that ever happened to me since I started in 2004.
21:11 Wladek pogromca harmonii [264]: Jak babcia zapytala mnie sie co znaczy 'owned' to powiedzialem jej, ze owned to byl wtedy kiedy zobaczyla Jaruzelskiego zamiast teleranka
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