Adventurer's Stone
Adventurer's Stone
0.30 oz.
Use it in major temples to travel to the adventurers guild. A replacement is available at temples.
Wypada z:
Ten przedmiot nie wypada z żadnego potwora.
Sprzedaż: Kupno:
Tego przedmiotu nie można sprzedać żadnemu NPC.
Tego przedmiotu nie można zakupić od żadnego NPC.
Informacje dodatkowe:
Będąc w jednej z głównych świątyń, możemy użyć przedmiotu, aby przenieść się do gildii podróżników.
Tylko zalogowani użytkownicy mogą dodawać komenatrze.
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16:54 Clan Tamus [78]: stone of windows
16:54 Clan Tamus [78]: da quantos de xp pro meu lvl?

As we have been told, voluntary gamemasters would be removed from Tibia in August. Aware of this, an started on 6/8 to organise the last march with gamemasters which would take place on Harmonia on 21/8/2010, so that people could have a last chance to see the blue capes. The event would start in theather of Carlin and would end in Tibianic, Thais. Unfortunatelly things didn't go as expected. Romano said: "We believed that it will be of of the most interesting events in the history of Tibia. We expected a lot of emotions and fun. Our expectations were quite accurate because there were a lot of emotions during the march and it became one of unforgeteable days in our adventures... Unfortunately, many things were not as we wanted them to be." Not all players behaved in a proper way, so the event that was supposed to be public had to become private. Gamemasters, fansite administrators and some people were invited to Snake Tower guildhall, where the unplanned last part of the event took place. Sadly, due to all the confusion, part of the good players were left behind and didn't had the chance to participate. I was one of the players who were invited to Snake Tower and I have to say the march was an unforgettable day for me. But I don't know how I would feel if I had been left behind, as happened to many. Further details about this event and screenshots:
21:55 Mejsunia [231]: jestes w carlin 21:55 Stado Mleka [17]: taaa 21:56 Mejsunia [231]: where? 21:56 Stado Mleka [17]: ab
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