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Browse Field Feature
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With today's server save, we implemented a feature against trashing which allows you to browse through all items that are placed on a certain field.


To do so, right-click (classic controls: Ctrl + any mouse button) onto a spot on the map and select "Browse Field" from the context menu. A window which looks like a container with 30 slots will open up in your sidebar. There, you can see the 30 bottommost items that are moveable or a container. If there are more than 30 items piled up on a field, you can click through all of them page by page.
You can take out any item from a pile via this window and it is also possible to open containers via this window (e.g. depot box, corpse). However, it is not possible to move around items within this window or add items with drag&drop.

We also implemented another change with today's server save. If someone owns a house or a guild hall and his account gets scheduled for deletion, sub-owners and invited guests of the house will immediately lose the right to enter it.

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