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Bestiary & Charms
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We are going to add a great new feature to the Cyclopedia.

While the Cyclopedia already contains profound information about many items in Tibia, you will now be able to look up helpful information about Tibian creatures as well.

Gather enough information about a creature and you will be able to unlock the possibility to use a special bonus against the creature. But let us start with the Bestiary first.


The Bestiary is a new addon for the Cyclopedia. In here, Tibian creatures are going to be sorted in different creature classes.
Initially, every creature and the creature class itself will be displayed as silhouettes. Gain information about creatures and thereby unlock and complete their Bestiary entries!

To unlock an entry, you will have to kill its corresponding creature. The first kill will open the entry and reveal the creature's name, sprite and its difficultywarning level. A kill counter will show you the required amount of kills to unlock more information.

To successfully complete a creature entry, you will have to unlock a total of three detail stages.
The first stage will unlock basic information like hitpoints, speed, armour and common loot items, for example.
The second stage will allow you to see uncommon loot items, resistances and locations of where the creature can be found.
Once you have killed enough creatures to unlock the final stage, semi-rare and rare loot items will be displayed.

How often you have to kill a creature to unlock more of its details is based on the creature's difficulty. The difficulty also determines the amount of Charm Points that you are going to receive once you have completed an entry.


Charms are offensive, defensive or passive bonus effects that need to be unlocked with Charm Points. An unlocked charm can only be assigned to a completed creature entry and will provide you with a bonus against the corresponding creature.

While assigning a charm to an entry is free of charge, you will have to pay a gold fee if you want to detach the charm from the entry again. The required amount of gold depends on your character's level.

Keep in mind that a creature entry can only have one charm assigned at a time. There is a total of 16 different charms available. A detailed list of all charms, their effects and their costs can be found herewarning. Free account players can assign up to 2 charms to different entries at the same time, while premium account players can assign 6 charms.

A permanent possibility to assign all of your unlocked charms at the same time can be purchased via the Store. It also reduces the amount of gold you have to pay for every charm removal by 25%.
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Exp: 975
Level: 44
Data dołączenia: 29.11.2016
Liczba postów: 784
Teaser in a Nutshell (Spoilers ahead!)
  • A Bestiary has been added to the Cyclopedia.
  • Kill different creatures and thereby unlock their Bestiary entries.
  • Depending on the creatures' difficulty, a certain amount of kills is required to unlock further details.
  • There is a total of three detail stages for each entry.
  • A kill counter will show you the necessary kills to unlock the next stage.
  • Unlock all three stages to complete a Bestiary entry.
  • Items that are classified as very rare will not be fully revealed even if you have completed the creature's entry. Only the number of distinct very rare items is going to be shown in an entry.
  • Each completed Bestiary entry grants you a certain amount of Charm Points.
  • Charm Points are required to obtain charms, which can be assigned to completed entries.
  • A charm grants you a specific bonus over the selected creature.
  • There are offensive, defensive and passive charms obtainable. A complete list of charms can be seen herewarning.
  • A Bestiary entry can only have one charm assigned simultaneously.
  • To detach a charm from an entry, you will have to pay a gold fee. The removal costs are calculated by your character's level * 100.
  • Boss monsters are not part of the Bestiary.
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