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The Challenger - Research Breakthrough
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Special Edition – Thais, Venore, Carlin: 149 gps / all other cities: 199 gps
Special Edition: Research Breakthrough

- Knowledge is Power -
Breakthrough in Imbuement Research
The theory of umbral weapons being incompatible with imbuements has been partially disproven. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and brain examinations on captured twisted shapers, scientists achieved a breakthrough in imbuing research.

"The prevailing opinion was convinced that the great power that runs through umbral weapons was a strong antipole to the immense magic of imbuements and that they were repelling each other. However, we noticed in our tests that certain compositions remained fused with each other longer than others, which made us conduct further studies." said Ignaz P. from the Imbuement Research Academy.

"Generally speaking, we are quite sure that it is only possible to combine basic imbuements with umbral weapons. The quality of umbral weapons also plays an important role. Crude umbrals are, as the name suggests, too raw, too underdeveloped for any form of imbuement.
Regular umbral weapons are already sturdy enough to hold a single imbuement slot.
The outstanding quality of master umbrals allowed us to apply multiple slots. Depending on the type of weapon, we were able to equip up to 3 slots without causing an internal meltdown."

The head of the Academy, James B., also shared some good news with us: "We found evidence pointing to the existence of a new type of imbuement. An imbuement that has the power to enhance your capacity when being applied to your equipped backpack. Its powerful form is still unknown to us since a deadly monster slaughtered every research team we have sent so far."

Challenger: Your equipped backpack? What do you mean by that? Everybody knows that you can only imbue unequipped items.

James B: "That is another improvement we were able to achieve. You can now also imbue your equipped items, which is for sure a nice quality of life feature."

Challenger: Speaking of quality of life! Any comment on former chargeable weapons?

James B: "Well, it does not really make sense to have three different types any longer. We were able to create a new kind of weapon, which is going to unite all three types, the weapon of destruction. Rather sooner than later, we will have all the old types replaced with the new one."



Negotiations with Grizzly Adams progressing well
After years of negotiations, a small sensation seems to be in the offing. Today, the negotiators gave the Challenger exclusive insight into their progress to date and it seems that Grizzly Adams is willing to rethink the conditions for joining the Paw and Fur - Hunting Elite.
Already starting with the dawn of winter, it should be possible for potential candidates to pass the necessary examinations also known as "Killing in the name of" in teams. It is therefore sufficient to have participated in the killing of a monster to increase its kill counter.
Whether the sudden agreement is connected with the increasing protests of the group "United Tibians for the protection of indigenous monster species" is so far unknown.

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Exp: 975
Level: 44
Data dołączenia: 29.11.2016
Liczba postów: 784
Teaser in a Nutshell (Spoilers ahead!)
  • Umbral and master umbral weapons can be enhanced with basic imbuements.
  • Crude umbral weapons receive no imbuement slot.
  • Umbral weapons receive one imbuement slot.
  • Master umbral weapons receive the following imbuement slots:
    • 1-handed weapons: 2 slots.
    • 2-handed weapons, bows: 3 slots.
    • spellbook: 1 slot.

  • New imbuement to boost your capacity temporarily.
  • You need to place an imbued backpack in your container slot to activate the capacity boost.
  • If your capacity boost runs out and you carry more weight than your character can handle, you will not lose any items but you cannot pick up further items until you have reached the required threshold again.
  • All "of Carving/Mayhem/Remedy" weapons are replaced by a corresponding "of Destruction" weapon. The stats of each weapon remain the same.
  • The rod and the wand of destruction can be equipped with the critical hit imbuement.
  • It is now sufficient to participate in a monster's kill to increase its killcounter in the "Killing in the name of" quest.
24 października 2017 godz. 18:32:40
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