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Test Server Summary SU2017: Early Days!
The first day of test server for the Summer Update 2017, opened on Monday, was marked by surprises, anxiety, questions and a lot of rushing. Already the second day, a lot of instability, lags, offline worlds and reset.

Both in the official forum of the test server and in the fansites, players mainly question in relation to the instability of the client (this factor attributed to the new visual effects); The issue of unification of the Imbuimg System (which led to the deactivation of the system of assigning cargo to some weapons); The summon duration time and the Butterfly Ring imbalance.

However, despite the need for adjustments, we consider the news to be positive and certainly bring changes to the in-game experience. During these first days of testing, our team sought to have an overview of the new features, new content and focus on access to New area: Feyrist.

Let's go to them!


New Visual Effects

You can not help but notice, as explained in teaser # 4 , with Summer Update 2017, Tibia gains new light and shadow effects that allow a new in-game experience regarding the perception of time passing.
Even if the player does not configure the client to display the visual effects a new display to the right of the map, it will certainly be one of the first things to get our attention as soon as we log in. The inside of the scroll of the mini map will now show a dynamic illustration informing in "real time" the period of the day at that moment. Remember that each real hour corresponds to 24 tibial hours.
And for those who like to play with light effects and lower lighting, it will be possible to follow in more detail the transition of time in the course of their adventures:

08:00 -17: 00 → Full daylight.
17:00 - 20:00 → Every "tibial hour" will be a little darker
20:00 - 05:00 → Evening.
05:00 - 08:00 → Every "tibial hour" will be a bit clearer


But the news does not stop there. Depending on the selected lighting settings, you can also see that Tibia ( finally ) has a sky! From the update will also become noticeable the passage of clouds throughout the day.


Unfortunately, this news has a burden. Many have experienced instability, crashes and lags when the option to show visual effects is active.

Daily Rewards

First stop: Temple closest to receive the daily reward ( Teaser # 3 )! Recalling that the Reward Shrine are found in the depot and temples of the largest Tibian cities.


It was released kit with 10 magic items, between potions and runes. Note that there is a difference in bonus and reward depending on account status and you can choose which item you want to assemble your kit.


The rewards system updates with server save and not after 24 hours actual. That is, it is possible to get the reward from the day before the server save and, after the server save already take another.
As soon as you get a reward, the Reward Wall will indicate how long it will take to get the next one, ie how much time is left for the next server save.


So, as the bonuses the rewards follow a progressive line. That is, they are not random and it will not be possible to skip a reward. To advance to the XP boost of 50%, you should pick up all of the above.
If you do not get the reward in one day:
The rewards progression line will be frozen.
The bonus progression line will be frozen, the last being caught.
As soon as you get rewarded again, the bonus line will return to status 1.


Rewards that are items will go to the character's Inbox. That is, they are attached to them, and can only be placed in the depot. Similar items will be stacked.
It is possible to assemble the item kit according to your preference, but it is not possible to redeem total fractional quantities, ie I can not pick up 3 items at a time and then redeem the rest.
Rewards that are rerolls will be indicated in the corresponding interface and there will be time to be redeemed.
Resting Areas are Protection Zones but not all PZs are Resting Areas.
When you enter one of them, an icon will be displayed below the inventory. Hovering over the icon will indicate if you have any active bonuses and which one.


Linear Reward Progression

Day_________________Free Account Premium Account
1___________________05 magic items 10 magic items
2___________________05 magic items 10 magic items
3___________________01 Reroll Prey 02 Reroll Prey
4___________________10 magic items 20 magic items
Referring to Fig.___10 magic items 20 magic items
6___________________01 Gold Converter Temporary 01 Gold Converter Temporary
____________________01 Temple Teleport Scroll Temporary
7___________________10 minutes of XP boost 50%
____________________30 minutes of XP boost 50%

Linear Bonus Progression

Day Free Account Premium Account
1 (I.e. (I.e.
2 Hit Points Regeneration (there will be regeneration of HP in PZs that are Resting Areas as long as the character is fed) Hit Points Regeneration (there will be regeneration of HP in PZs that are Resting Areas as long as the character is fed)
3 Mana Regeneration ( Mana regeneration will occur in PZs that are Resting Areas as long as the character is fed) Previous Bonus +
Mana Regeneration ( Mana regeneration will occur in PZs that are Resting Areas as long as the character is fed)
4 (I.e. Regeneration of Stamina ( Stamina regeneration will occur when the character is in Resting Areas)
Referring to Fig. (I.e. Hit Points regeneration 100% + (regeneration of HP in Resting Areas twice as fast as usual speed)
6 (I.e. Mana Regeneration 100% + (Mana regeneration at Resting Areas twice as fast as usual speed)
7 (I.e. Regeneration of Soul Points (regeneration of Soul Points will occur when the character is in Resting Areas)

Reward Wall


By the icon in the client it will be possible to access the window of display of the rewards and bonuses. However, this feature only allows you to see the progression and what is active.

But to use this shortcut to redeem the reward you need to purchase Instant Reward Access. The store was not active in TS so we still have no idea of ​​the values.


Holy shrines


Taking advantage of the fact that we were in the temple, we passed by the Holy Shrines. With summer update, they will lose their current role: allowing druids and sorcerers to enchant gems ( Teaser # 7 ).
And, we noticed a difference, so far, access was restricted to the respective element of each category of mages. However from the update, all vocations can access them (which killed the curiosity of much knight and paladin).

But, the same restrictions are still maintained as to the type of account and level to pass through them. And, there is still the message requesting the respective gem for the enchantment (bug?).


New Summons and Spell Checking

As announced at the end of April and confirmed in teaser # 6 , in the next update the special spells achieved when promoting characters to Elite Knight, Master Sorcerer and Royal Paladin will be reviewed and all vocations gain the possibility of summoning powerful summons with specific characteristics to Auxiliary and complement the respective vocation of his caster:

Summon- Summon Ability

Knight Fighting distance
Damage type: ice and death.

Paladin Area magic
Damage type: holy and fire.

Druid Tank (close combat)
Damage type: earth and bleeding.

Sorcerer Tank (close combat)
Damage type: energy and bleeding.

obrazek All invocations last for 15 minutes next to the character unless they die, and the cooldown of the spell is 30 minutes. Only characters with level 200+ can cast them being that it is not possible to use them in battles against bosses in rooms with timer.

At first we took a quick turn for the Yalahar Dragons and felt that the alternate use of summons to aid in EK + ED hunts could work well. From this point, we resolve to test them in a simulated hunt.

We set out for a hunt that we are accustomed to do and thus we can note the positives and negatives in the use of summon.

We did a simple but very punctual calculation: hunting double and considering the cooldown of 30 minutes after summoning each monster, would work perfectly. The EK summoned his monster, after the end of his time (15 minutes), the ED summoned his. In this way, 15 minutes of EK cooldown have been completed. After the end of the time of the summon of the ED, finalized the cooldown of the EK, that managed to summon his monster again. So you can get the whole hunt with a summon assisting in the attacks.

There were 2 tests with summons of vocations (EK and ED): Drakens (Zao Palace) and Demons in Edron. Below we did a comparison between the summons.


-> PROS :
- Attacks from far (stands well);
- Strong attack (about 400 per turn);
- Moves with agility;
- Your healing power (self heal) is very good;

-> CONS :
- High cooldown, but if well managed in double or group hunt, fits effectively;
- It is necessary to attack (put target) in the monster so that it stays away, otherwise it will paste (literally) in its master (that summoned it) and this will hinder the hunt;

The result of the hunt on Drakens with this summon can be seen by clicking here .


-> PROS :
- Moves with agility;
- Your healing power (self heal) is very good;
- Strong attack (about 300 per turn, depending on the monster);

-> CONS :
- It gives a spell similar to the "exeta res", in a larger field, making it very difficult if there is another blocker in the hunt. In a group or double hunt, care needs to be redoubled with the Mages and with the summon itself. However, this can be a great ally in solo hunts;
- High cooldown, but if well managed in double or group hunt, fits effectively;
- By attacking closely (as a Knight) makes it difficult for hunters who depend on lure (to collect 8 bugs), since it takes the place of a monster;
- It is necessary to attack (place target) in the monster, which can delay a mage with greater custom in area attacks.

The result of the hunt on Drakens with this summon can be seen by clicking here .

In short: for the hunts we tested, the best option was by far the Skullfrost. We recommend that each team (or team) test the best way to tailor summons to their game method and hunting location. The conclusion, however, is that the use of these new summons will contribute very positively to group / double hunts. Summons will aid in increasing xp / he, if well used will protect the mages and make life easier for knights.

Threatened Dreams Quest

In one of the quests that will be implemented we will help the Fae, an ancient race of magical creatures that now reveal itself to everyone in the form of natural spirits (animals, plants, rocks) and who need help to stop the evil forces that threaten Feyrist # 4 and Official Article )

But before they fight against evil, it is necessary to gain their trust to gain access to the new peninsula. In this endeavor there are some tasks to be performed. Ready for the rush of the Tibian map?

The Fairy Treasure Quest

To achieve the rewards you must assemble a map that is composed of 4 parts. Each part is achieved with a different NPC.


obrazek Find The Tooth Fairy to start this quest. In this task we literally chuckled the tooth fairy, collecting the milk teeth the children of NPCs from Carlin, Thais and Venore left in their rooms. Oh, and do not forget to leave it to the children!


By completing this task, you will need to help Tired Tree to sleep. Just start talking to her about The Seeds of Life to start yawning and getting sleep.


But, not only do they need help, Grumpy Stone is grumpy. Have you ever imagined I felt any part of the body itching and not having arms or hands to scratch? Well, the task seems simple but can not be performed empty-handed nor using any metal tool, nothing to hurt or scratch the surface of the rocks!


Finally, just find the Big Fly Agaric and look for the last part of the map. The tip is to not stop looking under the mushrooms!


With the map ready, follow its coordinates, which will take you to the south of Thais. There, look for a stone-shaped sun, next to the Cyclops camp. Your help with Fae NPCs will be rewarded with special items.

Look for your reward well into the center of the sun, so you'll receive: 05 Ancient Coins, 05 Rainbow Quartzes and the Butterfly Ring (Arm: 2, protection Death + 10%).


Troubled Animals

To get access to Feyrist it is necessary to help some more Fae that took the form of animals. Start by finding the NPC Alkestios , south of Ab'Dendriel. He is worried about White Deers' indiscriminate killing and needs help to convince the superstitious Poachers that hunt them is bad luck.


To do this, just take the Book With Old Legends that is in the possession of the Poachers and take to the forger Ahmet in Ankramun insert a few lines and then return it to the room from where he took it. Better leave it on the table and make sure it's seen, is not it? After all, as soon as the hunters read it better for the rare deer!

Task completed, the Fae already relies a little more on you and tells a little about his mysterious land. He comments on a brother of his kind who is in trouble, a wolf, but he is not sure what it is. So it's time to go northwest to Edron to look for one of your sisters, Ikassis .

With the form of snake and a certain difficulty of locomotion, Ikassis will give you a talisman that will facilitate your communication with natural beings and ask for your help. You should go to the south of Cormaya, where according to Ikassis, a desperate mother wolf appears in ghost form. It is important to note that, given its condition, it will only appear at night !


Ghostly Wolf , ghost of the wolf mother, will tell you some of your story to. A few months ago, as she nursed her three puppies, a Hunter hit her and drove her pups away. Sadly, she does not know the whereabouts of her children and does not even know if they are alive, but she would like help in finding peace. Rumors are that their pups were sold to the orcs who wanted to train them as war wolves in Ulderek's Rock (Orc Fortress). Your goal is to find out the truth about it and inform it.


Head to Venore, more exactly on the way to the well-known Orc Fortress. You will not need to look inside, the area is on the outskirts of the fort, more exactly southeast of the entrance, where you will find an orc camp. There you will see traces of what appears to be a training ground as well. In one of the huts there will be a sleeping wolf and, next to it, a skeleton. Look for it and find the notes of a poacher that will make you pass in the town of Venore and go to NPC Irmana. Have some money with you - about 1k - which will be important to negotiate with her.


Ask Irmana about "fur" and she will report that for some time, a hunter offered some skin types for her, including that of a very young wolf. She will also tell a sad story about this wolf's skin, but noting that the skin means a lot to you, so you can sell it to her.

With the young wolf's skin on hand, make sure it's nightfall and come back to Cormaya. Tell Ghostly Wolf everything you've seen. She will be very sad to hear that one of her puppies has died and another is living with the orcs, but she hopes the survivor will have a happy and free life. And she will ask you to use the skin that you have bought from Irmana at the mouth of the stone beside her, so that she may rest in peace.

After that, return to Ikassis, in the forest of Edron. She will be happy and thankful that you have helped Ghostly Wolf. Thus, gaining even more confidence from the Fae, Ikassis will direct you to your sister Swan, in a corner to the southeast of there, inside a lake.

Trapped in the shape of a swan, Swan will tell you a secret and ask for help by wrapping a cape and a few feathers. You should talk to the NPC Tereban, a floor above the bank of Edron, and ask about "cloak". He will tell you about a certain sabotage involving the Trolls, and will tell you to proceed to Darashia and, with luck, find some clues on the ground.


Go to darashia and look for 4 points with beautiful downsides on the floor.

We made a map to help you in this mission! The 5th set of feathers is in the south of Edron, near the wheat fields and well hidden! You really should have some troll finger in this story ...


After gathering the feathers, return to Swan and give them to her, who will be very grateful for the aid. Receive the blessing given by her and return to the Alkestios at Ab'dendriel.

Happy to have helped the Fae, Alkestios will finally tell you that you have earned the trust of your people and can enter your secret paradise: Feyrist ( official article ). So, as a reward, he will teach you the method of getting to the new place.

Remember the Holy Shrines we talked about earlier in the article? Now you can go through them!

Just use the respective gemstone in the inner elemental shrine. Depending on the element chosen, the character will magically enter the Fae's Paradise at a certain point.


But do not go unprotected! All the portals will take you into the midst of the creatures that inhabit Feyrist! But the details on the new peninsula will remain for the summary of the next few days, be sure to follow!

# Tip for the most anxious: we recorded the entire access quest and made available on our channel on youtube, you can access it by clicking here . But attention, the video brings the content in the form of spoiler. If you do not want to ruin the discovery and RPG part, we do not recommend watching it!

So we finish our summary of the first days of the test server! First impressions were very good and we were happy with what we already explored. There is still a lot to be seen and discovered, and we are already working to bring to the community what's interesting about the test server!

However, as the content is under testing, the Tibia Guides team reminds everyone that changes may occur!

We took the opportunity, on behalf of the entire Tibia Guides team, to thank for the help and company of Iorek Birnningson, Etien and Lini Lih, who were instrumental in breaking new ground with us in these early days.

* All rights reserved by http://www.tibiaguias.com.brwarning
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