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8th anniversary of Tibiopedia
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Ikona  #
The Ancient Dark Wizard
Exp: 5354
Level: 103
Data dołączenia: 13.10.2008
Wiek: 32
Skąd: Iława

Mastro Daro
Postać: Mastro Daro
Profesja: Master Sorcerer
Level: 216
Osiągnięcia: 116
Serwer: Peloria
Pozycja: Senator
Tytuł: Sage of Tibia
Liczba postów: 3953
Ferumbras was a cruel mage who wreaked havoc in Thais. Town got attacked twice, when Ferumbras has finally been defated. One day, it turned out that the daughter of Ferumbras, Fortinbrae, was killed and her soul got trapped in a temple located on the Plains oh Havoc. Enraged mage has visited Tibia lands again to find his beloved kid but this time he was defated again - he was not haunting tibians ever agian... The mages from Eron University created a barrier on the Kharos island so Ferumbras would return never again...

  • Your task is to get into Ferumbras shoes and write a potem to NPC Zoltan.

  • The subject of the poem is up to your creativity.

  • Your poem has to contain the words in its exact form: pasta, bat, coat, squirrel, cake, tear, carpet, aquarium, wipes, cheese, music, sky.

  • Poem should have 250-500 words.

  • Poem can be decorated with 3 pictures.

  • Place your poems in this thread.

  • Each user can submit one poem.

  • You can participate in contest only from account created before 27 Oct 2016 23:59:59. Each particiapnt should have characted bound to account (personalized account)

  • Prizes will be send to character bounded to account.

  • Contest ends: 17 November 2016 23:59:59 - posts with any sign of edit after this date will be excluded.

  • Poems can not contain any offense, racist metaphores and have to follow Tibia Riles.

  • Multi accounts are forbidden!

  • Tibiopedia.pl staff doesnt take a part of this contest.

  • Invalid submits will be removed or ignored.

  • Any questions ask here - CLICK. This thread is only for your poems!

  • 1 st - Bronze Necklace item, Golden Trophy of Excellence item and 180 days of VIP on Tibiopedia.pl, ADDED: 30 days of premium account

  • 2 nd - Vampire Doll item, Silver Trophy of Excellence item and 90 days of VIP on Tibiopedia.pl

  • 3 rd - Teddy Bear item, Bronze Trophy of Excellence item and 30 days of VIP on Tibiopedia.pl
You see a grave.
You read: Here lies the RPG-part of this game. We will miss you!
Trimegis: Power comes to those who have the intelligence to claim it.
27 października 2016 godz. 17:55:32
Edytował MastroDaro
27 października 2016 godz. 20:10:58
Ikona  #
Surfin my borderless sky
Exp: 2206
Level: 66
Data dołączenia: 11.07.2012
Godność: Justysia

Lady Mass
Postać: Lady Mass
Profesja: Elder Druid
Level: 211
Osiągnięcia: 679
Serwer: Talera
Tytuł: Squire of Tibia
Liczba postów: 2602
The almighty Ferumbras has once decided
That he will write a poem to Zoltan, since they were divided.
„I greet thee Zoltan, who sits in Edron’s tower
Walks on his red carpet, barely ever taking a shower.
Remember the times, when me and you together
Used to chill next to aquarium, watching the sky forever?
Me neither.
Don’t take your wipes out.
Our arguments are not what I’m about.
I want you to stop people from trying to get my hat
They’re annoying like a bat.
Their attempts to kill me happen twice a year
Like they don’t know I’ll come back anyway… dear.
I think you get tired of those fights too
Since whenever you try, I end up winning, no matter what you do.
I returned from death, and you dream about defeating me?
Anyway, lets talk about the spree
I wanted to invite you, to have a slumber party
A meeting just for you and me, you smarty
I’ll prepare some pasta with cheese
And music, so the atmosphere will ease.
So don’t waste our time, and as you receive the letter
Take your coat and come here, you better,
If you are willing to forget the past and finally move on
Visit me in my very own kingdom
Don’t refuse my offer, I don’t repeat twice.
My heart has became as cold as ice.
If you wonder why, do remind the name- Fortinbrae
Though whenever I think of that, I shed a tear
I look through the window, hoping she will appear.
And all I see is a squirrel, jumping here and there
Imagine how I feel, it is a nightmare
If you decide to come, take a piece of cake
Just not a poisoned one, for everyone’s sake
You might be afraid to come, and that’s fine.
But always remember, THE POWER IS MINE."


30 października 2016 godz. 12:26:08
Edytowała Lady Evo
30 października 2016 godz. 12:28:17
Ikona  #
Exp: 57
Level: 11
Data dołączenia: 27.06.2013
Wiek: 27

Devilicious Danny
Profesja: Paladin
Level: 302
Osiągnięcia: 391
Serwer: Secura
Liczba postów: 2
Dear Zoltan,

I am writing you this poem to settle a peaceful agreement,
So we can happily live our lives with full thrill enjoyment.
First, let's remember the old days when the sky was bright,
Where people lived peacefully with no Ferumbras to fight.
Look at this Carlin postcard I've attached, which I bought in 1997,
Where everyone was happy and boys chasing girls which felt like heaven.
Let's remember the blissful Thais, where music and happiness was contagious,
Where we drank beer and ate the best cheese together with King Tibianus.
Nevertheless, Beloved Edron; the city where we've spent our time the most
Yes, I can feel the fresh air, green wet grass and the sunny coast.
I can remember as if it was yesterday when we played soccer in a circle,
In the green fields of Stonehome Village together with our magical squirrel.
Those days, I know Zoltan, I know you want those delightful days once more,
As I want Fortinbrae's soul freed because she is the one I mostly adore.
All I ask is to clear this aquarium barrier you've summoned on the Kharos island,
So I can freely take my daughter's soul and set it free with my magical wand.
Oh, Zoltan, I can feel her tear dropping on her smooth and angelic face,
Hear me and accept my proposal before my magic wipes out the whole Tibian race.
In exchange, I will make my minions leave Darashia and fly like a bat,
Using the Darashian carpet towards the Ferumbras' realm, with no turning back.
Don't worry, my demonic minions will listen and leave without hesitation,
Because they will each receive from me a tasty cake and pasta as a donation.
In addition, I will leave my coat and hat to you, my friend Zoltan,
So you will always remember your old friend whom you had the real fun.
I hope you'll consider my poem by granting me the access to save my daughter,
It's your choice to have an old happy Tibian life or a life with full of slaughter.

Kind Regards,

Carpe Diem emotka
31 października 2016 godz. 02:56:32
Edytował DvlDanny
31 października 2016 godz. 12:40:54
Ikona  #
Ely the GREAT!
Exp: 514
Level: 32
Data dołączenia: 06.11.2012
Godność: Ely the Great
Skąd: the 6ix

Ely Blademaster
Postać: Ely Blademaster
Profesja: Elder Druid
Level: 320
Osiągnięcia: 864
Serwer: Quintera
Tytuł: Warrior of Tibia
Liczba postów: 22
Dear Zoltan,

This barrier that you and the academy put up will not hold me back forever.
You and your people always stop me from coming, you do not know the reason for this!
You attack without asking why.. you just lock me up on an island. I wish to see my daughter's soul!
I have written a poem, or however you like to call it, explaining why I keep coming back and why I keep fighting! I have called it...

The Father She Never Had

The sky will darken when I return,
All I want to see is the soul of my daughter,
Whenever I try I just get burned,
It always turns into manslaughter.

I never got to spend time with her as I did before,
I have failed as her dad,
I may be a great sorcerer for war,
But as a father I am bad.

I remember the time I took her on a magic carpet ride,
She wanted to feel like a bat,
She would spread her arms out in the sky,
And show off as an acrobat.

Cormaya's cake island she has never been,
I could've made a coat out of cake for her,
Thieving Squirrel she has never seen,
Oh how she could've felt their soft fur.

King Tibianus and I have our differences but we can both agree,
The taste for good pasta is not easy to find,
Frodo's tavern offered it once to a banshee,
It made her sing, but her music blew everyone's mind.

The delicious food I wish I could bring,
Fortinbrae, cheese, she can't even try,
Yes, she's my only offspring,
Sometimes it makes me want to cry.

An aquarium is what she once wanted,
This gift was hard to come across,
This memory is the one that is haunted,
For it was my greatest loss.

This was my last memory of her,
I remember each word she said,
Sometimes it may be a blur,
But tears I did shed.

As she wipes a tear off my face,
She says "Daddy it's okay",
That's the last I heard of her,
And it's why I still fight till this day.


I hope this poem helps you understand why I still fight till today... these memories of her aren't enough, I wish to see her soul. A father simply wishes to be reunited with his daughter. Grant me this is all I ask.


-Ely<3 xox

"The single choice to take a stand and reach out your hand to someone in need. So come with me and seize the day, this world may never be the same."
16 listopada 2016 godz. 22:20:49
Ikona  #
Exp: 39
Level: 9
Data dołączenia: 05.11.2015
Wiek: 22

Lawliet Starlight
Profesja: Master Sorcerer
Level: 360
Osiągnięcia: 387
Serwer: Talera
Liczba postów: 3
Dear Zoltan......

Many centuries agoThe printing press was born
And with her the books and from one i write to you
I am thinking of going to you
And try to fix things because
I know I made mistakes in the past..


Where the truth is broken
From the border of the printed word
More of a tear cause with so much damages
And it causes me pain as they wipe themselves
with their wipes
That's why i invite you and your friends


to eat a this delicious cake
Playing music notes on my old piano
It's so great like pasta and pizza with cheese
You'll say because I do this.
Today is my daughter's birthday
And I always try to be happy
But I'm an old man I only have my coat
And one or another bat that fly in my tower
I find myself in the cornersLost brain
With witches, demons and dragons
So free and innocent and remember her
I just want her soul to be free in the sky
I remember her as a little squirrel
I loved her and I did not know how to protect her
I was blinded by ambition
That's why I invite you and your friends to my tower
Forget the dark past and fly in the carpet
Flies like a bird over the aquarium
Where has my energy gone to?
Of my everyday little things I do?
I do not know, I just want the forgiveness.
I know we have a place in common
without bombas and war!

Kind Regards, Ferumbras.


J E I L Y N ♥.
17 listopada 2016 godz. 03:05:27
Ikona The last words of great Sorcerer #
Exp: 43
Level: 9
Data dołączenia: 27.10.2016
Wiek: 25
Skąd: Valencia

Trululu Gumdrops
Profesja: Elder Druid
Level: 221
Osiągnięcia: 638
Serwer: Gladera
Tytuł: Squire of Tibia
Liczba postów: 2
This letter contains my last words to you, before leave Edron.
Zoltan, more than a good student, a part of family. My friend, my son in law, my inheritor and more.

My last wish
By Ferumbras the Master Sorcerer

My dear Zoltan
My little student
The little thief
Of my sweet heart

My little Fortinbrae
My little heart
Heart than sweet
Like a piece of cake

In the good times
You found the smile
In pasta with cheese
Your biggest love

I feel nostalgic
When I think in you
In you in the gardens
With a squirrels


Feeding fish
In your little aquarium
Playing hide and seek
With imaginary friends

The "brave" warriors
They caught your soul
The "brave" warriors
Living in P.o.H.


What a brave warrior
Just are a drunks
They are just thieves
And I a judge

I hear your voice
Inside of my head
Screaming a word

I try to used
My strength and soul
I try to rescue you
But I am out

And here I am
Sitting in the dark
Sitting in the tower
Sitting in the sky

I feel so trapped
Inside my coat
I feel so angry
Oh my daughter


The Klabautermen and bats
Are now my family
Listen the music
Listen the family

I back from death
Because I am a god
Well, I am the fire
The armageddon

I am the master
A true master
I am your master
The master of sorcerers

The remains of my power
Are now in your hands
Just a tiny spark
Of all my power

Come to my tower
Come to my home
Bring back my daughter
And don't ruin the carpet

The little Fortinbrae
With his broken heart
Remember his tear
Remember the pain

You can use this letter
Like a wipes
Use this letter
To dry your tears

But I know
And you know
She never back
To home.

Really nice works, good luck to all writers. Sorry, if my english is not 100% correct.[b]
17 listopada 2016 godz. 04:23:18
Edytował Trululu
17 listopada 2016 godz. 22:34:42
Ikona Just for a moment #
Exp: 59
Level: 11
Data dołączenia: 28.04.2011
Wiek: 25
Skąd: Guadalajara

Postać: Cadsy
Profesja: Elite Knight
Level: 417
Osiągnięcia: 765
Serwer: Solidera
Tytuł: Warrior of Tibia
Liczba postów: 1
Dear Zoltan,

I will buy you pasta if you let me go out this time,
You don’t trust me because of the destructive I can be.
But I swear that I won’t do any crime,
My daughter’s soul is waiting for me.

I was thinking of transforming into a bat,
That way I could escape flying.
Leaving in the tower my coat and hat,
So humans don’t end up crying.


I will run as fast as a squirrel casting strong haste,
Afterwards I will thank you with a cake.
Made of berries and bars of chocolate,
Oh boy! You will love the taste.

Anyways, I’m writing this with a tear coming out of my eye,
I miss Fortibrae so much.
I wish I could reach her just by taking a carpet ride,
I need her love and her sweet touch.

Back in the day when I wasn’t a murderer,
I used to take her to Calassa to kill strange looking fish.
She said “Daddy in this aquarium I will become the best sorcerer”,
She used to practice her magic level skills.

Then things changed and I found out my daughter died,
I cried so much that I ran out of wipes,
I wish I could turn back time and tell her goodbye.

So here I stand today,
Begging you to make me free.
What do you want me to say?
We could eat cheese and drink a beer.

I’m not asking you to forgive me forever,
I know you are old and clever.
I’m not asking you to listen music with me and be friends,
Just bring down the barrier you steadily defend.

I will be expecting for an answer every night,
Hoping to see my child soul again for a moment.
If you set me free to see one more time the clear sky,
For a day we will no longer be opponents.


17 listopada 2016 godz. 21:43:04
Edytowała Cadi
17 listopada 2016 godz. 21:51:09
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